Debt Collection

We operate successfully in the Middle East and the Balkans, including Cyprus and Greece, helping companies to recover outstanding debts. 

Our Word Class Experienced Certified Insolvency Practitioners have a perfect knowledge of the debt collection industry as well as the countries we operate in and are able to produce results in a fast, professional, and efficient manner. We do not charge any upfront fees unless agreed beforehand with the client and we have no further administrative or other hides fees or charges.

As members of the American Collectors Association for now many years we operate on legal and ethical rules. Maintaining the reputation of our clients is paramount to us and our approach to debtors is always within professional, ethical and legal boundaries.



We can assist our clients to repossess movable and immovable assets, such as land and buildings, vehicles, machinery and other assets, through court interim orders and other means in order to safeguard our clients' interest.

This service is important to offer in a fast and meaningful way in order to produce results.  


Tracing Services

We provide specialist tracing services using reliable technology techniques in order to locate debtors' Cyprus addresses and other important details, whether companies or individuals.

Using reliable technology and other approved techniques, we investigate to establish your debtors' location in Cyprus, address and any other important details that can help us resolve the outstanding debt.


Companies' Business Reports in Cyprus

We provide fast and reliable Business Reports on companies in order to enable our clients to assess the viability and financial standing of debtors before taking any drastic measures.